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What we offer

It’s the end of the month….again! There are bills to be paid, employees to be paid, money owed to be collected, VAT and PAYE returns to be filed. Life is becoming increasingly busy and there's just no time to do it all……Sound familiar? If so, you're not on your own and that is where we come in. Our aim is to help you to help yourself by allowing you more time to concentrate on your business, build your client base and ultimately make more money. For us, no job is too big or too small. Martin & Company has a substantial and diverse portfolio of both personal and corporate clients and our wide range of services includes the following:

We also provide advice on and can assist in the set-up of both manual and computerised bookkeeping systems. ... Read More

both statutory (limited company) and non-statutory (sole trader/ limited company).... Read More

The underlying value of audit is a means of maintaining the credibility of the business and, for listed companies, the sustainability of its share price value over the long-term... Read More

With your business growth and success in mind, regular management accounts can help you obtain vital information to make... Read More

both compliance and planning covering all of the main tax headings:... Read More

Your staff must be paid on time, every time; in Ireland this is typically every week. Regular changes to payroll legislation can impose a drain... Read More

Many entrepreneurs find that preparing a financial forecast is the most intimidating aspect of developing a business plan... Read More

We can carry out a complete financial health check to independently review all existing ... Read More